Tuesday, April 11, 2006

there's always someone cooler than you

I just read on a TWOP board that someone spotted Steve Carell filming his new movie "Evan Almighty" (sure to be a winner...SYKE!!11!!1) by some building by the Holocaust Museum.

In related news, I will be stalking Steve Carell for the remainder of the week.

It's too bad there's no gawker type celeb-stalker thing for DC, but even if there were it's not like there would be much other than "Rick Santorum seen at...the Capitol Building." My cinema professor last semester commented on how it's so much cooler living in NYC than DC. In NYC you can run into Brad Pitt. Here, my friends got excited when they went to a Senate hearing last week and took pictures of Condoleezza Rice.

On Thursday I went to see Ben Folds at College Park. It was awesome, and I think he's probably the best live performer I've seen. He plays the shit out of that piano, and he's actually coherent when he speaks between songs. I'm so sick of all the bands who think it's hilarious to act like they're stoned (or actually be stoned) onstage.

But, during the long, long metro ride out to College Park, my friend AS pointed out the new ads they have on the metro walls between Metro Center and Chinatown. They're these moving car ads. Gone are the days when you could pop in your iPod earbuds and stare blankly out the dirty window at nothing but blackness. Now they're trying to sell you fucking TOYOTAS while you're using public transportation. I guess the idea is that the poor carless folk who use the metro will see the ads while contemplating how gross it really is to hang onto the same pole that a thousand other dirty people touch every day, and think, "Wow! I could really use one of those right now!" and run out and buy one.

Maybe they're right. But if the next time I look out the window of a plane I see Ronald McDonald pimping hamburgers, I'll be fucking pissed.


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