Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Home Alone 4: Lazy in Lansdale

I'm on Day 5 of My Family Is In London Week. It has been fairly successful. Saturday night I had a small, but fun and drunken, party. The next day I did mad loads of laundry (that's right, I used "mad" as a synonym for "many," get used to it) and cleaned and an unnamed someone who I do not feel like talking to for awhile threw up in my car. Yeah. Since then I have pretty much just been really tired, babysitting and doing training shit at Macy's and unwisely parking my car in the garage where I cannot back it out for fear of hitting my father's gigantic Volvo.

I thought I'd be more freaked out staying in the house by myself for so long, but it's not bad. I do keep all the doors locked pretty much all the time, and I set the alarm at night. But I've been able to sleep just fine. The only thing that I found strange was the lamp in my parents' bedroom that was suddenly on last night even though I'd never touched it. And it was turned off this morning, again with me never touching it, although that could just be the lightbulb burning out. Be gone, Lamp Ghost!


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