Thursday, June 08, 2006

happy birthday

Today (...yesterday) was my 19th birthday! Actually it was mega-boring but I received two super-awesome gifts: a new tv and a new digital camera!

I needed the new camera because I fuxed mine up in like, February, at a club. The thing was only 8 months old and I had paid $350 for it. I was going to just buy myself a new one but my dad surprised me and actually bought it for me. Thanks daddy!

I needed a tv because my old one is 10+ years old, quite small, and does not hook up to a DVD player. It kind of sucked because all year I had to watch movies on my computer (or find someone else with a DVD player who would watch with me.) So next year I'll provide the tv, Roomie (formerly known as SK, she's now officially Roomie) will provide the DVD player, and all will be right with the world.

Conclusion...I'm spoiled.

In other news I will be going to NYC June 24 with VS and ER and I'm excited! VS is writing an article about some south-Asian frat event and her parents didn't want her going alone so the 3 of us are going to stay overnight in the city and have an awesome time.


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