Thursday, April 05, 2007

I'm confused by my internship. I went to the studio last Tuesday, alone, and put together an album. It was boring, but at least I had my iPod. So Monday I text my boss to ask if I should come in this Tuesday. She said no, maybe Thursday, but she'd let me know. I said okay, I can't Thursday 'cause of classes, Wednesday or Friday would be okay though.

So I get a voicemail around 9:30 Tuesday asking if I could come in to do some stuff, if not, that's okay. I said I couldn't. I had a test that night I needed to study for, and the studio is too far away for me to get there by 11 if I just woke up at 9:30; if I'm going, I usually wake up at 8:30 and get on the shuttle by 9:45.

Then Wednesday morning I get a text asking if I'm coming in. This is after receiving no word from her all the rest of Tuesday. I said no, I didn't know I was expected, but Friday still works. She sent back "I'm here now." So I said sorry, but I need to know at least the night before when I'm going to come in.

So WTF! I can't be "on-call" for this. I don't live close enough. I'm perfectly willing to come in on the days I'm available if I'm given notice at least the night before. I don't see how that's difficult, it wasn't before.


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