Friday, July 21, 2006

the upside of a head cold

I'm in for the night because I'm all stuffy and have a sore throat, but that's okay, because these lonely Friday PM hours have been put to good use. I figured out where I want to study abroad!

That's right - the French riviera! More specifically, CERAM Sophia Antipolis European School of Business. It's located right between Cannes and Nice, and is also close to Monaco, Provence, and the Italian border. It's parfait pour moi because there I can take all business classes (in English) and pretty much finish up my Marketing minor, and I can put my 6+ years of studying French to good use. And it will make my parents happy because it will actually apply to my major/minor (unlike, say, Prague, which wouldn't count unless I changed my major, which I still might do, but whatever, French riviera sounds good to me.)

So even though I just came up with all of this in the past 2 hours...YAYOMGI'MGOINGTOTHESOUTHOFFRANCEINLIKETWOYEARS!!!

I can only hope I have as much fun as this guy.


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